Hopping the Pond

Hopping the Pond

Hopping the Pond: Overseas

Getting from North America to Europe, Africa, and Asia  involve a plane trip, so I call it Hopping the Pond.  South America can technically be reached by car or train from here, but flying would certainly be more ideal. Granted the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are mighty big ponds, but with today’s technology in Airfare, it can be done in a day, rather than weeks or months as it took in the days of the ancient explorers. The world seems to have gotten smaller as our perspective of it has grown. Looking at pictures from outer space (no, I have no plans to leap into space travel) the earths seems much smaller and more manageable than it did to the first settlers here. Now that it is within my grasp to hop the pond  for a trip overseas, I have been bitten by the travel bug and am already hoping for more.  I want to explore it all. As my opportunities expand beyond my continent, I will share it with you here.  See you in the skies!

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