Ready to Step: Welcome

Ready to Step: Welcome


Hi, I’m Jorgie, and I invite you to explore with me through my Travel Blog.

I live in an area of the United States that we locals fondly call the Pacific Northwest. Well, OK, so most of the U.S. probably calls it the Pacific Northwest. BUT when we speak of our region by name, we conjure up much more than a map with the upper left corner colored to depict it as a general geographic region of our nation. No, it is sooo much more!

It is home to some of the most beautiful and yet diverse landscapes of the nation, ranging from the Pacific Ocean to the foothills of the Rockies in western Montana, and from the Canadian border to southern Oregon – or beyond, if you see our corner of the world from a larger perspective. Northern California and British Columbia, Canada could also be considered part of our beautiful Pacific Northwest corner. The PNW doesn’t stop in eastern Washington, or the Idaho Panhandle. The landscape of western Montana is part of our corner as well.

As far as geographic diversity is concerned, we just about have it all! We have beautiful snow-covered peaks of three major mountain ranges; gorgeous Pacific Ocean views and activities such as sailing, fishing, cruising and whale-watching in Puget Sound; millions of acres of forests for camping, hiking, skiing, snow-shoeing, and other mountain sports; pristine lakes surrounded by miles of fir trees; rain forests with enormous moss-covered trees; and desert-y regions featuring scrubby pine and sagebrush, where summers are hot, and the lakes are cool. We have ranch lands that scatter our local beef and dairy herds over vast green fields; orchards full of Washington grown apples; and rolling hills where wheat fields are either a rich brown loamy earth awaiting seed, lush green with newly sprouted plants, or shimmering gold with tall grain waving in the breeze. Join me as I step through the garden gate to explore and enjoy our beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I hope you will enjoy our local spots and festivities, and get to know our corner of the world. But don’t stop there. Journey with me to other spots of interest in our beautiful country, crisscross the nation from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, and from Canada to the Mexican border, for we are a country of diversity and great beauty. And finally, come, hop across the Ponds with me as we explore more of our beautiful world on the other side of the seas. I invite you to travel in your own mind’s eye through my writings as I travel, but also encourage you to step out your own gate or door, and explore the beautiful world that awaits you. Begin With a Single Step and see where it leads you.



I love this beautiful world we live in. I want to see every inch of it, and explore and experience the wonderful diverse landscape, peoples, and cultures across the globe.  Don’t you?

I live in the Pacific Northwest corner of the United States which is beautiful and unique in many ways.  I would love to show it to you through my blog.   It is a truly beautiful and diverse landscape with so much variety in culture and lifestyles, climates and temperatures, and geographic heights and depths. Our people range from the busy city dwellers and urban yuppies, to the down-home country folk of ranches and farms, Native Americans from several local Indian Tribes, and even off-the-grid folk who prefer more private dwellings. Our diversity lends to a never-ending variety of experiences and activities for people of all ages and interests. Come and visit.  You will love it here! In fact, you might not want to leave.

My family and I love to travel and explore. I am a wife and mother who has homeschooled all six of my kids and have loved opening their eyes to the wonders of the world. We enjoy camping and hiking, biking, sailing and whale watching, and going to museums and festivals – like the Tulip Festival which happens every spring in the Skagit Valley, which is filled with the gorgeous colors of the rainbow when the tulips are in bloom. We love to read, but the stories really come to life when we step out the door and through the garden gate, embarking on a journey to see what we read about. It makes history come alive, and the future becomes brighter and clearer.

I have traveled through many parts of the United States, and want to see still more. As I explore my own country I will share it with you. And I would love to hear from you as well.  Tell me about your corner of the world.  What excites you about where you live?  What would you want to introduce me to if I were to visit your area? What are your favorite customs and traditions? What are your traditional foods? What is the climate like?  Maybe I will come visit your hometown too.

As I write this, I am just about to embark on my first trip across the Pond, as I call the beautiful Oceans of the Globe. I want to see still more.  There is so much to discover and explore.  I will keep you posted as I travel, delving into the nooks and crannies of a country that is new to me.  And of course, there are explorations of the Ponds themselves!  Cruise ships are a lovely way to explore the waterways of the world. I have taken two Cruise tours and want to take more. Where is your favorite place to explore, and how do you like to get there? Plane? Train? Bus? Ship? Gondola?   Or perhaps traipsing through on foot to be sure to not miss anything. Sometimes our travels involve them all. But the journey never starts without taking the first step.  Explore the world with me through my blog, Begin With A Single Step.